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Home Phone Plans to fit your lifestyle & budget.  


The phone solution simply works over your high-speed Internet connection with your current telephone handset and gives you access to all the normal features you use with your traditional phone line, plus even more features all for FREE ($30.00 Savings).   


Join the movement to cut the cord with old fashion copper lines from and big overpriced companies.  VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service is well established and is the way of the future with tens of millions of people around the world are now using VoIP.  


Plus you get to keep your current phone number for FREE.

Select Plan: 
Talk Canada & US
Talk Canada & US
All plans include
-  Unlimited calling in your local area.
-  FREE calling to all phone subscribers.
-  All your call features are included FREE.
-  Very Low Long Distance rates out of your calling area.
-  Local 911 service included.

Bundle any internet plan with Talk Canada & US and
get $5.00 a month off every month.
The purchase of a VoIP Adapter from is required for the VoIP phone service to work.  The VoIP Adapter (Grandstream Adapter ) is $49.95 with any Internet Plan.  (Shipping is $9.95)
Our Phone Solutions are available across Canada in over 400 locations servicing thousands of communities.
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